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E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v8

02034757476, London, London, England       April 13, 2017
E.ON Energy is one of the most leading Energy and Gas supplier Company in the UK. The company has 5.3 million Customers in All around UK. E.ON energy launched new energy tariffs “E.ON Saver Fixed 1 Year v8” prices are fixed for 12 months beginning on the day E.ON starts supplying your Energy.  If you are living in London region then you have to pay £913.45 and if you are living in Sweb region then you have to pay £983.36. All prices based on gas 12,500 kWh per annum and electricity 3,100 kWh per annum. Each year you will earn £20 for having both your electricity and gas with E.ON. To know more about E.ON new energy tariffs

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